About us

All my life I grown up surrounded by animals as horses, cows, pigs, wild pigs, dogs, cats,deer,rabbits and so on. I always knew there would be animals in my life in future, I just fell that in my heart. In childhood I enjoyed training dogs. As a teenager I bought my first chow chow, from this dog began the journey into professional cynology. Dog’s exhibitions have always fascinated and excited me. In 2007 year, I got the name of the kennel “Grozio Akcentas”. In 2008 year, the first litter was born. My motto has always been a healthy, happy, friendly chow chow. The temperament, character, health and compliance with the standard of the chow chow are especially important to me! So far, I am working on this breed which allows me to understand more and more how amazing this breed is!


With love, Silvija and the chows.

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